Monday 23 April 2018

Hats, How To Store and Display Them Mostly.

How Can I Display & Store All My Hats?

Between me and Yogi we probably own over a dozen hats.  Plus we sell them on the stall and currently all of them are homeless or in need of inspirational and cheap display ideas. Storing our hats when living on a boat is a bit of an issue. Space is tight and they can get crushed and bent out of shape. Plus we don't have straight walls that we can hang them against, so  they are left all over the place getting damaged,in the way and on my nerves.  Time for project sort the hats out.

We also have a similar issue on the stall, space is at a premium and we need a cost effective way to display the hats we have to sell. We want them to go home on peoples heads and not in the back of Monty (Our trusty motor home). 

I had a look on Google and found Hat Rack Ideas on a page by There are some cracking ideas there, the picture above is a contender :0) There are a couple of other ideas there too, that I might have a go at.

I just need to find a bit of chain, or perhaps curtain wire, if I can remember where I have put it......and do I even have any hooky pegs things? 

Awesome Hats

I only really sell one style of hat, I do have others but this one is by far my favourite.
I have christened it the AWESOME HAT.  It is the first hat without a brim, that actually suits me!  I have never been able to carry off a bobble hat or beany style.  The laughter of people around me tells me that when I am wearing one. 

But for some reason these hats look good on me!! It was a revelation for me and I think they are magic and totally awesome.  

They are made from recycled silk and wool, are lined with a wide belt of felt for comfort and come in a multitude of colours.

I always have a lot of fun on the stall trying to convince folk to try them on.  They give the same argument that I have been giving for years. 'It won't suit me!'. but once I have given them the secret on how to put them on, 9/10 will purchase immediately when they see themselves in the mirror. Its brilliant :0) 

I sell them for £12 + £3 P&P Hopefully I will have time to put them on the website soon, but in the meantime, if you would like a sneak peek at what I have available, EMAIL me and I will send you some photos.

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