Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Model Boat Fenders - Mr Nutty was Chuffed

While we were moored at Red Bull Services I got a commission to make fenders for a model tug boat. 

I wasn't keen initially as I hadn't made anything like that before and was a bit unsure of myself. Yogi as always was,  and told him ' Yup, she can do that for you, give us your number and we'll call you when they are done'. 

Bloody Hell!!!  I thought to myself as I measured the front and back and tried to imagine what I was going to do.   His boat was lovely, he'd carried it proudly all the way up the towpath to show us. 
He gave us his number, which I thought was a bit short at the time and told us his name was Mr Nutty. 

That night, I had a play and managed a not too shabby back rope, the next night I finished the front. I was pretty pleased with the results too :0). Even though I say so myself. 

The next day I tried to call him, but the number came up as not recognised.  I thought it was a number short, but just put it down to a 'Midlands' thing. Hmmmm, apparently not, what to do now?  We had told him we were going to move at the weekend which he didn't see as a problem as he walked along the canal quite regularly. 'He'd find us' he said.  So I hung the baby fenders up in a bag in the kitchen till he did. 

This morning I had a bit of a brain wave. I dialed the number and added a '0' to the end.  Number not recognised, '1' was a little old lady who had never heard of Mr Nutty.  Quite a difficult thing to ring a complete stranger and ask 'Is Mr Nutty there please?'  I kept having flashbacks to the Mr Men books I had when I was little. I think she thought I was the nutty one!!  

'2' no answer , '3'  the conversation went something like: Me: 'Is Mr Nutty there please? '. Him: 'Yes?', Me: 'Hoorah!!, I've found you!!' Him: 'Who is this??' 

I then went onto explain who I was, and the trouble with the phone number and that his fenders were ready.  'I wondered why you didn't ring, I've been looking everywhere for you!!'  The poor chap had been trudging the towpath looking for us and had actually been in the pub opposite where we moored last night having a disappointed drink!!

So, Mr Nutty brought his tug to the boat today for Minature fender fitting. 
I even spliced little tiny rings on the ends of the ropes so he could fit them over the little bollards.  No mean feat either because I had to use forceps to make the splices!!  I left the ends long and advised him to cut them when he got home and rub a bit of PVA glue to seal the ends together to neaten it right up. 

I was really pleased with the results and had to share it with you!!  The best bit was, Mr Nutty said he was 'Propper Chuffed'!!  He is going to come and see us at the Middlewich FAB Festival and bring his Trawler for me to do!!  

Yogi just looked at me all proud with an 'I told you you could do it!'  look.  

Little boat, on big boat :0)


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