Saturday, 7 June 2014

Friday - Tidying up and taking off!!

Today started well, bright, sunny and the towpath full of people.   Our neighbours (who we got the windlass from yesterday Anne & John) were having a chat with us and were talking about my tiller tassels. 

They were having a bit of a problem with their tiller. It was the kind that folds up to let you in and out of the back of the boat. Unfortunately, every time John went out the back, he was hitting his head on it and had the scars to prove it!!  Yogi had a look and came up with the idea of hanging a monkey's fist from a turkshead knot so when the tiller is raised the monkey fist hung in front of the pointy bit of the tiller. :0). Sorted. He showed me what he meant and I got on and made it :0).  I wish I'd taken photos but I forgot :0(  They were very happy though. John had also been down to the lock and found Yogis favorite windlass and gave it back to him!! Result :0)

We sold a couple of other bits during the morning and I finished off painting my roses and generally tidying the boat.  With a nice tidy boat, fridge magnets and lanterns all done and ready to be sold Yogi decided to move further up the cut to somewhere nearer Sandbach. 

My post had still not arrived in Kidsgrove and the easiest way to get there now was by train. We stopped by a new housing development in Ettily Heath about 1/2 mile from the train station. 
 Local Chippy, only good for lunch though ;0)

Yogi has been doing most of the exploring here as most of the time it has been raining and I tend not to go out in bad weather if I can help it :0). He doesn't mind though and has been doing a brilliant job of making sure we've had a plentiful supply of Jaffa cakes and chocolate biscuits. 
 You always need a fry up!!!

Whilst he was out and about he came across a house he would actually consider living in!!  It's most odd and nothing like I've ever seen before?  An airplane in the middle of a housing estate, you could not make it up!!
 Yogi Airlines!!!!

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